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RCS is an integrated regulatory consulting firm that provides complete support for your EPA pesticide or FDA-CVM new animal drug applications

RCS is an integrated EPA and FDA regulatory consulting firm. Our staff are experts in pesticide registration through the US EPA, and new animal drug approvals through the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM). Our staff has over 25 years of experience in the pesticide and animal health industries. Contact us to discover more of our capabilities.

Client testimonials

"...I am very happy with the work that Tim had done on our file. He's extremely experienced and a pleasure to work with. The report he produced was concise, easy to follow, and pertinent to our situation. We are looking forward to finalizing some additional work for him to do once we update our labeling."

I-MED Pharma

"RCS was instrumental in keeping our FDA/CVM projects on track from a regulatory point-of-view. Tim's extensive experience with new animal drug applications benefited us in all areas, including regulatory strategy, protocol development, pre-submission conferences, writing SOPs, etc. We highly recommend RCS if you need assistance with your company's animal drug application."

Skyline Vet Pharma

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